3 Esthetician Classes Than Can Benefit Your Career

If you are an esthetician and you are looking to learn some new skills and become certified in them, then you should consider taking some esthetician classes. These classes help you learn new skills that aren't part of your regular cosmetology license. Here are three awesome esthetician classes that can really benefit your career. 

1. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension classes are great esthetician classes for you to take because they teach you how to apply both the classic and the new volume style of eyelash extensions. These lashes are in high demand amongst women because of how full and beautiful they make their lashes look. They also no longer have to worry about mascara, which saves them both time and money. This class doesn't take long to complete, and once you are done, you can immediately begin doing eyelash extensions. 

2. Microblading 

Microblading is a service that is becoming very popular in the beauty world and is a great class for you to take. This is a step up from tattooing on someone's eyebrows because instead of being a solid block of tattoo, it is instead drawing on individual eyebrows hairs that look much more natural and realistic. This helps those who don't have eyebrows to get the thick and full eyebrows that they desire. It also saves a great deal of time because the microblading is permanent and will only need touch-ups every year or so. Learning how to microblade can help you to increase your clientele because this service is in such high demand. 

3. Makeup Services 

Another continuing education course that you can take as an esthetician is a makeup class. These types of classes allow you to apply makeup professionally for different kinds of events, such as weddings. You will also learn a great deal about what types of makeup are best for certain skin types, what tools are the most effective at applying makeup, current makeup trends, and more. This can help to increase your earning potential and the services that you can perform for your clients. For example, if you are already great at doing hair for weddings, you can now do their makeup as well. 

By taking esthetician classes, such as ones that teach you how to apply eyelash extensions, tattoo on microblading, and perform a variety of makeup services, you can become an even more specialized and skilled esthetician and really further your career. This allows you to appeal to more clients and make more money doing something you enjoy. 

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